Monday, November 24, 2008

中国官员:天何言哉 Chinese Officials: Does Heaven Speak?

It was reported on 21 Nov in the Zaobao that Wu Jianmin, the former Chinese Ambassador to France and former Dean of the China Foreign Affairs University wrote in the official ‘People’s Daily’ and criticized certain Chinese officials who did not know to communicate properly with foreigners, wasted much time in using polite, nonsensical and empty words for ineffective communication. He pointed out that the loss of power of communication is a great waste for the Chinese society.
He said that certain people are like the dumplings in tea pots – just could not be poured out. This is an interesting analogy. While it is not too difficult for the dumplings to be pressed into a tea pot with a little help by external forces, it is rather difficult to them to get out of it on their own.
Wu felt that there are both historical and practical reasons that can be used to account for such phenomenon. The ancient Chinese philosophers teach that one should be hesitant to speak, fearing that their actions would not do justice to their words. A person with a ready and eloquent tongue may be seen to be an empty talker, while people who are not good in expressing themselves may be praised.
Looks like Confucius should be blamed for his wrong teachings.

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