Tuesday, December 1, 2009

欢迎,毛巴马同志!Welcome, Comrade Maobama!


U.S. President Barack Obama visited China from 15 to 17 Nov. This historic three-day visit to China was part of an eight-day tour of Asia. It was the president's first trip to China.
It was reported that the Chinese people, especially young people’s impression of him was quite good, as it is expected that he would maintain a moderate policy toward China. Statistics shows that Obama is indeed popular among the netizens in China. A search for Obama on the Google China Web site will result in more than 7.8 million entries as compared to less than four million entries for President Hu.
Obama's popularity in China is also evidenced by the fact that ‘MaoBama’ or ‘ObaMao’ labelled products are fast becoming a hot commodity in China. The design is President Barack Obama’s face dressed in Chair Mao’s Red Guards’ cap and uniform. The products, especially the T-shirt, were selling like hot cakes at small souvenir shops in famous tourist areas in Beijing since September 2009.
Obama's visit to Beijing has already started a ‘MaoBama’ and ‘ObaMao’ cyclone, although it was reported that the Chinese government banned the products during Obama’s presidential visit in China for fear of offending the U. S. President and causing embarrassment.
A shopkeeper was heard saying, ‘Most Chinese people like Obama. I feel he is a very good man, and humorous. Also, he is the first African American president.’
Welcome, comrade Maobama, to the creative capitalist China.

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