Tuesday, December 15, 2009

总统的客人 All The President's Guests

看来这对配偶相当享受公众的注意。在‘面簿’(Facebook) 上出现了不少他们与晚宴贵宾所拍的照片,包括与副总统拜登、华盛顿市长奋题、新闻主播库丽、白宫办公厅主任伊曼纽尔所拍的照片。
In USA, a couple who attended President Barack Obama’s first White House state dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on 24 Nov, has received a lot of publicity for being uninvited guests. The couple, Mr Tareq and his wife Michaele, who are in their 40s, were described by their friends as fun-loving and unabashed about pursuing the spot-light and playing debonair couple who know and are known by all right people.
A photo released by the White House has shown President Obama greeting the couple. The agency charged with protecting the president and other high-level officials is conducting a comprehensive review of the security breach, although the couple complained that the investigation was hard on them because they believed that they really were invited guests.
The couple seems to have enjoyed the publicity. A dozen pictures posted on Facebook appear to show the couple posing with dinner guests including Vice President Joe Biden, Washington Mayor Adrian Fenty, CBS News anchor Katie Couric, and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.
In China, another person who met President Obama on 16 Nov is also getting a lot of publicity, but unlike the couple, it’s about the coat she wore.
Shanghai’s Jiaotong University student Wang Zifei was snapped by photographers sitting behind the US President when he met Chinese young citizens at a town-hall style forum, while on his visit to Shanghai.
Clad in a black dress and red coat, she was photographed taking off her coat. Online forums have been gushing over her beauty and poise, with netizens describing in details her look and dress sense. Ms Wang, however, appears to be a reluctant celebrity. She said on her blog, ‘I’m hoping to quickly restore it to normal. I hope after all this, I can continue to be my simple self.’

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