Saturday, January 3, 2009

新加坡:文艺复兴城市 Singapore: The Renaissance City

2007年六月,摩诺阁‘适居城市’生活素质调查,把新加坡列在17位,是亚洲的第三名,排在东京(第3名)与京都(第14名)之后。调查称赞新加坡的国际一流生活水平,新加坡的X-因素却是它最近才有的生机蓬勃的文化景观:‘新加坡的景观生机蓬勃,本地有才华的设计者与国际巨星Toyo Ito, Moshe Safdie 与 Kohn Pedersen Fox同放光芒;而艺术界盛花处处,如博物馆,表演艺术地点,和艺术画廊。它还是相当保守,但是这个城市国家正享受着文化繁荣。’
Singapore wants to be a renaissance city. This is based on the belief that arts and culture are integral in developing a culturally vibrant society, giving Singapore a unique national identity and providing the social bond that holds its people together.
The dream started 20 years ago in 1989 with calls for the development of a fine arts gallery in the former St Joseph’s Institution, a history of Singapore museum, a Southeast Asian/natural history/ethnology museum, a modern National Library on Queen Street and a new performing arts centre at Marina Centre.
20 years later, Singapore Arts and Culture have received international recognition as noted by Reuters Newswire on 17 June 2008: ‘Three decades ago, the economically flourishing state had been labelled a barren wasteland in terms of arts and culture. This year’s arts fest, which ends on 22 June, includes more than 1,800 artists from 27 countries and two world premieres. To date, 20 local commissions and co-productions have been seen by audiences in over 30 cities around the world, including New York, London and Paris.’
In June 2007, the Monocle Quality of Life Survey of “Liveable Cities” ranked Singapore 17th, only the 3rd Asian city after Tokyo (No. 3) and Kyoto (No. 14). Whilst the survey lauded Singapore’s first-world standard of living, Singapore’s X-factor was cited as her newly blossoming cultural landscape: ‘Singapore’s landscape is blossoming, with talented local architects making their mark alongside international stars such as Toyo Ito, Moshe Safdie and Kohn Pedersen Fox; and the arts scene has seen a flowering of museums, performing arts venues and galleries. It’s still conservative but this city-state is enjoying a cultural boom.’
In 2009, the dream continues, as one envisions Singapore will be the ‘Best Home for Singaporeans’ and an ‘International Magnet for Talent’, where arts and culture play a critical role in strengthening Singapore’s liveability and distinctiveness as a nation, as well as endearing Singapore to Singaporeans, residents and visitors.

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