Monday, January 12, 2009

穷得只剩下钱 Nothing Left But Money

The scandal-ridden former president Chen Shui-bian of ROC was detained on 30 Dec 2008 at the Taipei Detention Centre, pending trial for corruption charges. It was reported that his son visited him on the first day and brought him a book of spiritual content, entitled ‘So Poor, Nothing Left, But Money’.
The title of the book is really cool and it is said to be a fitting epitaph for Chen, who has been charged for stealing billions in taxpayer money during his eight years in office. For now, it seems that he has nothing left but money.
The book is written by a priest Wang Yang-ming. The aim of the book is actually to point out that money is not the most important thing in life. One must not during one’s life time focus only on going after material and monetary gains. At the end one may find that one actually lives a miserable and spiritually poor life that have nothing left except money.
The author hopes that after reading the book, Chen will have peace and happiness, besides money.

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