Tuesday, July 21, 2009

中国不高兴 China Is Unhappy

这些天,如果你认为中国人很快乐,没有人会怪你。毕竟,他们已经超越德国成为美国与日本后的世界第三大经济体;2008年,他们成功的主办了奥运会,同时即将举办上海世博2010;2008年他们也第一次完成太空漫步。就算是2008年五月发生的巨大破坏性的四川地震也具有正面的一面 – 中国人一致全面自愿援助他们的同胞。
These days, no one will blame you if you think that the Chinese are happy. After all, they have surpassed Germany to become the world's third-largest economy behind the U.S. and Japan, they have hosted a successful Olympic Games in 2008 and are going to host another major event, World Expo Shanghai 2010, they have conducted their first space walk in 2008. And even the devastating Sichuan earthquake in May 2008 had positive aspects—Chinese volunteered en masse to help their stricken countrymen.
Yet, for all you know, according to a new bestseller, China is unhappy. And here are some of the reasons:
1. There are ghosts behind the Lhasa 3.14 incident; the strategic encirclement of Western World towards China has become more concrete and obvious.
2. Sanlu milk power incident has result in a ‘psychological tear’ among Chinese people. It threatens a strong nation's core values.
3. People like Nicolas Sarkozy (the French President) have been offensive to China out of nasty opportunism.
4. The so-called ‘knowledge elites’ or ‘excellent Chinese people’ are harmful to China’s national spirit.
The book further clarifies a number of issues, including the followings:
1. Why the ‘feeling great’ among Chinese people are just fake phenomena. And Western strategy in dragging China down has been a hidden illness to China.
2. Why China should consider it an option to break up with the West under a certain conditions.
3. Why the ‘reform theory’ and ‘world salvation theory’ of neo-Confucianism has become day dream talk.
4. Why ‘Wang Xiao Bo's myth’, which embraces ‘defeatism’, is the most ugly culture lie. (Wang Xiao Bo, 1952-1997, writer.)
Finally, what should China advocate?
1. China should become a country with heroic mission.
2. China should hold sword to protect its business, this is a way to build a strong nation.
3. The National Liberation Army should protect China's core value.
4. China should not listen to the sweet talk of ‘finance warriors’ and industrial upgrade is the fundamentals.
5. Get to know the ‘Russian Roulette’ nature of western diplomatic strategy, lower the concrete diplomatic relation with France.
6. China should be brave in protecting international security and clear its path towards a strong country.
7. Avoid high-art's culture for affecting Chinese social life or else China’s political and economic goals cannot be realised.

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