Monday, August 16, 2010

好小子,不管三七二十一! Oh Boy, Just Do It!

2010第一届青奥运在新加坡举行。它于814日起,一直举行到26日。青奥运火炬旅程为青奥运旋开了序幕,目的是要把世界年轻人围绕在奥运会运动之下,激励他们去接受、拥抱与表现奥运会的价值观 - 卓越、友谊与尊重。
He ran in heavy rain, then in scorching heat, keeping pace with around 100 Youth Olympic Flame torchbearers, running for more than two hours as the torch went past schools and residential districts, covered a distance of around 15km. He did it wearing a T-shirt, bermudas and flip-flops. And he even damaged his parent’s camera in the process.
This happened on 10 August in Singapore. His name is Low Wei Jie, a 12-year-old primary school student.
The inaugural 2010 Youth Olympic Games is being held in Singapore. It started on 14 and will end on 26 August. As a prelude to the first Youth Olympic Games (YOG), Journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF pronounced ‘JAY-of’) seeks to connect youth around the world to the Olympic Movement by inspiring them to embrace, embody and express the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect.
And now, this youngster further embodies the passionate spirit of ‘Just do it’ and determination to act on something that is dear to his heart.
The youngster missed out on a chance to join two schoolmates carrying the torch around the North East community district of Singapore because he was deemed too slow. So he decided to follow the flame run on his own. The drenched boy explained why he needed to do it, 'When I read in the newspapers that the flame was coming here, I just wanted to see it for myself, and follow it, I might never see it again.'
His story was reported by the local newspapers on 11 August. ">He clearly moved many Singaporeans, including his principal, the people in-charge of the 2010 Singapore YOG Organising Committee, and the management of Panasonic.
On 11 August, his principal prasied him in front of the whole school and presented him a beand-new camera which was given by Panasonic. On 13 Aug, his dream of becoming a torchbearer finally came true – thanks to the YOG Organising Committee.
Well done, keep it up.

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